Since October 2018 Michele is studying vocals at BIMM Manchester and is working with the guitarist Luke Dodd on their original songs. Luke is a talented guitarist with a great knowledge in music theory and creative lyrics ideas, whereas Michele is a powerful performer, creating unique melodies.

Listen to the live version of their orginal song “Shot Her Down” and the acoustic version of “Never Let You Go”.


Michele has been working with LOQUI since September 2016. After a friend asked her if she wanted to come to a rehearsal to sing the new song “The Road”, she got to know the electro duo LOQUI. Jonas Walther and David Vath from Großweier have been producing electronic music since childhood. “It’s so much fun to compose with these guys. It’s like a new world that’s opened up for me,” says Michele, “I’m learning a lot about producing and the guys about the way I write songs.” In May 2017 the song “Don’t mind” was released with an elaborate music video. Many scenes were shot in the Black Forest, among them the “Yburg”, the “Schwarzenbach” dam and the “Schwarzwaldhochstraße”. Musically Michele and some instruments were recorded by LMP Veranstaltungstechnik in Achern. Finally, you can listen to “The Road” and “Don’t mind” on YouTube, Spotify or Deezer and buy them on iTunes. The music video of the new song, “Summertime”, has been released since August 2018.

Since October 2017 Michele has been performing with the DJ duo LOQUI (Fabian Schreiner and Jonas Walther).